The Facebook Relationship

Monday, January 4, 2010 10:27 PM By Stephen J Christophers

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about Facebook relationships. Why are they important? Are they important and what keeps them going? It’s a bit of dilemma for me, as most of my relationships are built on extremely complex beginnings, vast contrasts in culture, language and great distance.

Facebook has become a good tool to bridge these gaps although various cultures deal with Web2 differently and during my travels I find myself forced to deal with the sensor ship first hand, if not respect it. Some countries like China block Facebook altogether and others use it as a progressive marketing tool or data collector, media companies exploit it, individuals use it as a means of self expression and people in Thailand have never heard of it. It should be noted, Facebook is powerful alone and even more so networked with other Web2 applications and will continue to build around mobile tech. offering up more and more dynamic content and ways of presenting it. I’m currently struggling with unlocking this potential and striping it of those widgets, media and applications which I feel personally abusive, time wasting; in other words digital pollution. Recently, I’ve removed almost every application from my page; clearing away all those people who I have not personally met - with exception of a few - and will remove myself from groups such as, movies and, “If one million people join this group I’ll shoot my dog and eat it,” etc, so, unless personally or culturally significant, personally it's on a firm footing for the recycle bin. Facebook has the potential for you, as an individual, to express yourself in ways that are truly your own. Furthermore, you’re able to receive peer appraisal, and positive commentary, no matter what you do or say … think … write something … create a blog … upload pictures, video and music … produce live news feeds on events, or even the power of your own imagination … upload links to relevant content … comment and engage with others, if you have nothing to say, then say hello to someone. Lastly, please remove the crap, it's time for some quality user generated content.

My hope is that we start to see real tangible human content, rather than generic widget based application content … “Welcome to the new Jenny Craig sponsored, Ass Farm,” let us have access to all your information and in return you can pass on a coffee enema to your friends today, and lose five Jenny kilos tomorrow! No people, it has to stop, enough is enough! The power of the keyboard is in your hands.