The Elephant in the Room

Tuesday, October 26, 2010 10:25 AM By Stephen J Christophers

Even with a shopping basket on the front, Dorimon animated graphics and a penis shaped key ring, that sense of elation seems steadfast; the feeling when one rides his Suzuki Step down main street, to corral those horses adjacent to the Coffee Shop; it, in some small way, musters a sense of worth and position. A feeling that seems to elude one, those times an arrival hitherto is more occupied by beads of sweat rolling down the crack of ones back, in the tropical humidity...

...and now for something a little different: I used to be a graphic designer, and as a nostalgic revival somewhat, more-so because it fits the genre of my current writing style, and as an after thought to those days when jobs in the profession could be thus achievable. I've resided myself to a little series of illustrations that reflect global social economic management in contrast; that elephant in the room, that social, political and economic satire [Truth] a muse often misunderstood.



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