The Superhero: Gamma-man

Sunday, January 23, 2011 3:42 PM By Stephen J Christophers

Gamma-man: To the Gamma Cave Beta-boy (Beta-man). Alpha-male has taken over the Pink Pussy Waxing Salon and has Miss Pink Cheeks hostage.

[Gamma-man and Beta-man leave for the Pussy Salon in the Gammamobile]...

By applying the Alpha-Beta male formulas to most Superheros: Batman; Superman; Spiderman and even woman, You will find, just below the surface, inside the plot of most, the eternal battle between Alpha and Beta personality characteristics and that of the rare Gamma-man.

This type of stereotyping can also seem relative, in the case of religion, for example; where in Christianity, God exists as Alpha-man, Jesus Gamma-man and humans as Beta-men and women; and, in Buddhist philosophy, Buddha becomes Gamma-male with Nirvana the balance between Alpha~Beta. Psychology also has a tendency to label personality traits as A-type, B-type and A/B types in its simplistic form. To look at each personality type further I will section them out to examine the differences individually.

Before we do that, In understanding Gamma-man, as a concept, we need to take a look at the 'hero plot' - the template for the archetype: Understanding this template is a priority for story telling; and screenwriters use it as one of their predominant models. The hero plot, and 'Hero' has his foot in the best of both personalities; and, is the model on which the vast majority of successful stories are told, for example: Homers Odyssey, Sherlock Holmes, Star Wars and The Land of the Lost. Where one must face one's demons to find the true direction. In Gamma-mans case the Alpha-male anti-hero.

Now let us take a look at the fundamental characteristics of an Alpha, Beta and Gamma man:

Alpha-male Characteristics: Leadership; Competitiveness; Organisational Skills; Team Building; Pontification, Secretism; Narcissism. The positives for such a personality trait are focus and a build-up of well directed energy in a positive direction towards a goal oriented outcome. Nevertheless, this can also result in war and predation.

Beta-male Characteristics: Methodical; Logical; Team Player; Cooperative; Reserved; being the most dominant traits among Beta-males; the Beta-male plays to the beat of general conformity and relies on persistence in work and social ethics, playing to the Alpha in a more diplomatic manor to win ground and favours. Beta's down fall, is servitude and second serves women.

Gamma-male Characteristics: a collection of Alpha-Beta traits, in pure form the best of the bunch, generally having a low willingness to conform in general social compliance under the Alpha system. Expressing apathy towards the extremes of either Alpha or Beta-male characteristics, as extremes often result in an anti-hero. Gamma-males, have a high degree of positive Beta characteristics driven by the determination of Alpha-man without the need for competitiveness.

As previously mentioned, there is an 'anti-hero' in Gamma-man, "the protagonist whose character is at least in some regards conspicuously contrary to that of the archetype" Wiki... and exhibits extreme Alpha or Beta characteristics: Kryptonite, anybody?

...[Gamma-man and his beta sidekick arrive at Pink Cheeks Pussy Waxing Salon. Alpha-male has Miss Pink Cheeks by the short and curlies on the waxing table; she screams un-convincingly, after which there was an uncomfortable pause]

Apha-man: Hold it right there Gamma-man ... one more step, and I will use my secret Alpha-lube on Miss Pink Cheeks, and she will wax no longer.

Beta-boy: What will we do Gamma-man?

Gamma-man: Quick, let me think ...

[Alpha-man a little confused with Gamma-mans response starts to pontificate on the error of non-compliance, and the dangers of Alpha-lube on Miss Pink Cheeks]

Gamma-man: ...hit him with Alpha-blocker Beta-boy before he shows us his B-plan.

Beta-boy: ZZZAP, CRACK! Squirt!

[Alpha-man deflects the Alpha-blocker with a shield of organizational skills quotes and Miss Pink Cheeks slops to the floor on a stream of Apha-lube, Alpha-mans Hench-men (the Beta-team) apologise and flee as Gamma-man moves in swiftly to remove stray Alpha-lube from Miss Pink Cheeks appendages.]

Beta-boy: We did it Gamma-man!!!

Gamma-man: All in a day's work Beta-boy.

Miss Pink Cheeks: Oh! thank you Gamma-man. The Pink Pussy owes you a debt of gratitude, Gamma-man.

[Beta-boy leaves with a tear in his eye, Gamma-man stays behind to help clean-up]

...all in a days work.