Positive Note Points:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 10:03 AM By Stephen J Christophers

Note Points: I've almost polished-off my second book, not that anyone is rushing to publish it. Regardless, my current situation is entertaining the prospect of homelessness still - not to worry one muses, at least one, is not confined under those frigid conditions otherwise-known-as wedlock. I'm happy to mention, my almost superheroic pursuits, are unfortunately, and single handily refusing to pay dividend: my website with its marvelous potential, is generating huge volumes of cyber traffic, not that that alone has heralded a positive feedback loop, to the contrary. Nevertheless, its biblical quality has reinforced my ego no end, with the residual effects leaving me seeing mathematical visuals in everything - much like John Forbes Nash... and therefore, best not to consider brushing-up on my Chinese language skills under such conditions, let alone that of English. Which in mainstream circles, consist mostly of idol chatter concerning the latest dryper run from Huggies. Hobbies: maths and physics theory - more symbols. Nevertheless, hobbies to relieve myself of the incompetence I face from people on a daily basis; and currently, the art of photography, an 'Artistic' pursuit/project in which I photograph sexually androgynous models under the conditions of urban decay, is generally taking on good form. I also find it soothing, but for the poor girl who recognised me at the supermarket as 'that photographer' and almost fell down the stairs: with concern, I now fear my fame should grow and cause another such incident - there was one such other with a mini-bike and two girls today. A summery: I'm a traveling homeless person in Asia. I can't get employment, I see current opportunities as farcical parodies, much like the blind leading the blind. This is only of short-term concern nonetheless, as I own a multimillion dollar eBusiness. Footnote: closer to home, intellectuals debate why packs of youths, don't embrace 'opportunity' and instead pillage electronics stores, to feel like they're achieving something in life.

Post National Geographic Footnotes:

Bonobo Monkeys: It's that time of morning in Pattaya, Thailand; a time where you have girls in high-heels and miniskirts stumbling about like the aftermath of a Black Eyed Peas video, trying in their own way to mount your motorcycle as you stop for coffee outside the 7/11 - you never know what might happen at this time of the morning. Planet of the Apes: I remember a drunk trying to kick-in my car door at a set of traffic lights in Central Parramatta, one morning, after leaving my brothers unit. The same thing happened in Hornsby, another suburb of Sydney, Australia.

That's all.

Music to be inspired::Lil Wayne - Drop the World ft Eminem::