Bangkok Urban-Casual Street Wear

Friday, March 25, 2011 1:44 PM By Stephen J Christophers

Well, it's a hard job ... and, without my usual coffee fix. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to get a good model here in Bangkok. I usually settle for using a ladyboy; "Ladyboy!?" you say. Nevertheless, their skills come naturally, with confidence, and it's just too hard to tell the difference at times.

I met lovely Cate from Chang Rai a few weeks ago. And she expressed an interest in doing a modeling shoot with me - what could I say? So, with minimal equipment, and flying by the seat of a black G-string, we were off.

The end product has little digital altering, other than the first two images in the set. These have been processed using HDR and a tone-mapping technique in combination with other subtle layering filters that together render the end image. Furthermore, I think our shoot has elements of quality about it. Although, at least 90% of the praise, should be directed towards my beautiful model, rather than my photographic skills and equipment. In the end, we managed to pull-something-off, which with little reflection, and in the light of day, isn't that bad. One could quite possibly pass it off as a glossy David Jones advertisement spread, under the heading of, 'Spontaneity' in the latest edition of The Women's Weekly. I don't want to get carried away here, so you be the judge, on this one...

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Work by Ben Hodson

Title: Bangkok Urban-Casual Street Wear
Description: Graffiti and Urbex in and around Pattaya-Bangkok
Equipment: Nikon Coolpix L120. Lens is: NIKKOR A 21x Zoom
Location: Thailand
Concept to Completion: Finished (One Day Shoot)