Science and The Art of Blogging

Sunday, April 17, 2011 12:42 PM By Stephen J Christophers

I find science and creativity to be wonderful things. They're the ground on which one stands, without bias towards natures experiments, and through observation of it, enhancement of it, and practise of it, one can ever expand it, ever further: the exploration of our fitness landscapes are part of human nature, that until we branch into something new and exciting, and evolve element of our life, with meaning towards a greater goal, the lesser we are. Humanity invests so much in the process of replicating it's self; nevertheless, for the evolution of mankind, it is not just the process of replication. Evolution has been largely based on the balance between propagation and replication of the species - and diversification of our tool-sets in dealing with such. Why so do we search to expand our horizons? It is the unknown? ... enter the Blog:

To place a mighty fine point on it, I would say, "Socialism is the investment in humanity, as a tool-set for humanity. Capitalisation, is the investment in minimum human reproductivity; that which invests in technology to overcome our need for excessive humanity."

Moreover, the visualisation and exploration of ideas; are we here to make babies or ideas? - can be summed up quite simply: when I check-out random blogs posts, at Blogspot, I tend to notice three things:

Firstly, an over abundance of people blogging repetitively about their babies and families, with little concern as to the reason for them, or their future. And alas, one of the most uninteresting topics one could ever blog about. Unless otherwise invested in the outcome personally, as a friend, or family member. I'm not alone in my feelings about the tendency towards baby blogging, what do you think? After all, it has little relevance towards capitalising ideas and passing on knowledge, for the capital investment of humanity and the greater good of the environment, to the contrary. What you feed it, and it's bib color has little relevance.

Secondly, we meet with religious tendencies: for example, John who found Jesus, after a divorce from his third wife; and Like football, religion resides in the domain of a systematised outcome, based on quantifiable variables: Jesus has saved him, therefore, his wife will go to hell, and thus John and Jesus win two-to-one - game over - and the Lord did need to use the urinal at half-time. A-men! Don't blog it.

But the creative, the Artist and Musician - and Oh-my-Buddha, sometimes even the food or travel writer is harder to define. Posessing an investment in Humanity at a wider scope, both personally and exponentially. At a deeper level than previously mentioned-exhibitions. The individual as a creative entity, not just as a capacity to create more demand, but mindfully, a powerful asset, the pursuit of humanity and integrity through the expansion of ideas and knowledge; through articulation of words, and the personality of creativity: and thus, is both more Divine and human than the stand-alone process of replication for the sake of it. In other words, less is more of a human connection. I'm all fired-up now. ;0)

The quality inspiring minds and the creative potential within us... and, Love = Zero-Sum Returns.