Deductive Reasoning and the Art of Intrigue

Friday, October 14, 2011 7:19 PM By Stephen J Christophers

Mr. Holmes: What is this upon my coffee table? - a business card, and hitherto, strategically placed: twas the Duchess Dati - on her visit - one might deduce by scent of it's paper, Watson...

Dr. Watson: Aromatics of Chanel, indeed, and sured, by the weight of this here... engagement ring. Prey tell, to whom it might elude, Mr. Holmes..?

Mr. Holmes: A Ms. Noi, of the circle of Public Relations. Nevertheless, and not being, judgemental, Watson.. rather attractive, and pictured sporting - if I might be so bold, 'black' of the French style - suspenders and stockings... whilest erotically postured on a leather couch.

Dr. Watson: PR, you say, Mr. Holmes? ...maybe, and quite possibly, a lead; and one which, the Dutchess wishes us follow, Mr. Holmes?

Mr. Holmes: Black suspenders, Dr. Watson... an avenue of exploration it surely might be...

Dr. Watson: Should I pack the revolver, Mr. Holmes?

Mr. Holmes: That shouldn't be necessary on this occasion. However, and firstly, I should have a pipe and ponder this scenario a little further ... before we act in haste. The Duchess has been acting a little strange of late.

...and, spin-up the gramophone my dear, Watson - should it help with freeing-up one's powers of deduction and reasoning...

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