Model Shoot: Siam Country Club

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 4:03 PM By Stephen J Christophers

Siam Country Club model shoot was shot using a Canon EOS 500D & 18-55mm Lens. This particular photoshoot was well organized, using a professional model and equipment to gather a range of stock images for several ongoing photography projects. I used a small crew + model; my make-up artist also doubling as the reflector girl. The location is an old restored steam locomotive - part of the Siam Country Club parks and garden complex found thirty minutes drive from Pattaya City, Thailand.

The obvious difference here in regards to my Urbex photography is equipment and prep. I usually shoot on the run, in Urban locations, with a Nikon Coolpix. In this case, the Canon and lens combination was extremely effective. With a fantastic wardrobe, one that fit in beautifully with the ambiance of our location. The concept: to recreate an old world feel amongst a the carriages of a steam locomotive. Again, thanks goes out to my beautiful model, and assistant. Wardrobe and logistics prep was also required in this instance to bring life to this shoot. On this particular day, the weather was kind enough, although cloudy with occasional rain. Nevertheless, we were able to shoot enough stock to produce both a colour and black & white set - Vintage Siam. Enjoy!