The New Paradigm: Age of Intellectual Abundance

Wednesday, May 7, 2008 3:43 PM By Stephen J Christophers

With the hope of formulating some key notes and ideas toward my next book; an essay, which directly tackles issue relating to the human condition amidst the age of Information Technology, and its effect on socio-economics, spirituality and the current paradoxes of modern sociology: I will endeavour to use this blog to highlight those issues that I feel require genuine debate. Topics that in some ways are grounded in modern theories such as Thermodynamics, Psychology, Relativity, Evolution, Biology and Quantum Mechanics etc; looking for answers to the big questions, those that in my mind anyway, are not so difficult to answer using the tools that are now available; approaching general topics from the stand point of the New Paradigm. This blog will be a platform to get people thinking. I will base my ideas around general topics which have a foundation in every day life; and further, theories which shape our universal environment. Taking everyday topics and studying them with logic and insight.

For example: the age old riddle, “the chicken or the egg?”

Which came first … the chicken or the egg?

Darwin’s ideas on The Evolution of Species can help us look at this problem more clearly: Taking into account some of the fundamental principals of evolution, physics and thermodynamics, we are able to look at the evolution of the chicken from its prehistoric ancestry using the thermodynamic time-line and entropy as a guide through the seemingly complex systems of natural selection, based on: 1, the external environment, and 2, the internal biology of the species as it develops in relation to its external influences.

The prehistoric ancestor of the chicken evolved to produce offspring using the egg method - under this hypothesis - over other potential gestation methods - potential being a realm of Quantum Physics and infact the medium to which 1 and 2 interact through choices based on the chemical and biological systems present within the evolving species and its interaction with the environment.

Having already evolved the ability to produce eggs via its ancestors, the chicken then went on to evolve through natural selection based on biological evolution in a sea of potentiality, observing and creating reality through chemical needs and requirements based on its genetic imprint, and its higher chemical addictions based on survival in its perpetually changing environment. So, which came first? …the egg of cause!

Leaving us with the more pressing question: what seed of potential did spark the overwhelming chemical drive to prompt its creation in the first instance…. And the even more pressing questions of, why don’t chickens fly, and why do their wings taste so good when cooked on a BBQ?

So this might be a wild stab in the dark for me, with no formal education in any of the above theories. However, it tends to suggest we are able to use this method to answer lots of current socially relevant problems logically.

Although, one must be aware each of us view matter from our own standpoint as an observer which ultimately effects what we determine to be reality.