‎'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'

Wednesday, February 16, 2011 7:33 PM By Stephen J Christophers

Well, today I spotted a tour bus of some ineptitude, outside the immigration office at Jom Tien. Yeah! Visa time! Anyway, I was parking my trusty 125-GTR-Step-with-shopping-basket, and adjusting it's feed-bag, when I noticed upon them; and some kind of a kerfuffle in the hotel parking lot adjacent.

By result of their particular disposition; what looked like a group of elderly; maybe, elderly and retarded or a mixed bag, I wasn't too sure, my attention was drawn however, like a moth to the flame: It was the negative chakra around the bus you see; the random movement of Hawaiian shirts and straw hats which really made me stop and take note. Regardless of bias, dysfunctional was a fitting adjective, as they clambered around like smurfs, directionless with their internal compass spinning wildly out of control awaiting guidance from the big magnet.

What initially caught my attention was the variety of wide brimmed straw hats, they beggared to be blown off in the wind, and so, if it wasn't for the Hawaiian shirts and general mayhem, I would have guessed lawn bowls and gotten back to my business. Instead, I'm now imagining one of the incompetent chase down a straw hat in the wind, accompanied by an orchestra of old women squawking at him ... a trip ... possibly a heart attack or something ... ambulance sirens in the distance ... further squawking, etc.

Sorry, stay with me ... there was an old well built woman, around fifty, in a blue uniform, just shy of four foot eight and size sixteen, to be on the side of fairness. She was shouting instructions at them now, not that anyone was listening. She looked extremely hot and bothered. I watched as she lit a cigarette and turned focus on the bus driver. Rather you than me passed through my mind at that point. Then I noticed the sign on the side of the bus, it said; "Aussie Tours..." well, I never, I chuckled to myself, adjusted all my paperwork, and then headed into the police station hoping we wouldn't be sharing the same superposition...

Green Power vs IZ - Somewhere over the Rainbow (Why would anyone want to holiday in Australia, let alone live there hip-hop RMX) by GreenPower :^)