Chinese Regional Socioeconomics

Wednesday, April 13, 2011 1:52 PM By Stephen J Christophers

After almost five years living and working in China. With exposure to the steadfast influence of the CPC (Communist Party of China), a myriad of snake oil merchants, snatch and grab business operations; and the ubiquitous Chinese gene pool - the people who bring life and vibrancy to this neon city. I feel the need to release these notes and observations for western interests, as a social commentary, helping those with interests in the region; by means of individual pursuits or that of business venture. I will endeavor to actualize as much data as possible, to help validate areas of key concern and interest. However, I stress, that due to the conflicts in interest between socialist politics and individual activities, transparency is at best hazy. I would advise that further research into those areas which could present your personal efforts with the greatest concerns be thoroughly assessed on a professional basis prior to doing business here.

This book is firstly a general caution to those of you with small to medium businesses looking to prosper in the Chinese market place, and for the first time looking specifically at Chongqing; and secondly, an account of cultural norms and localisms, in this, a rapidly changing socio-economic climate, that tests western ideals to their limits. Having knowledge and experience of local politics and social issues, I present China and Chongqing, as never seen before, through the eyes of a westerner; swept up in the local everyday push and pull; its life and breath.

For a copy of the publishers edition of this book, please find a digital.pdf copy located here. In relation to specific content, or any of the issues raised in the manuscript, I would be happy to field any further questions; inquiries by publishers, literary agents or Journals wishing to publish selected content are also welcome.