Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 4:02 PM By Stephen J Christophers

As a celebration of seven years living in Asia, and my 100th blog entry: Thailand and it's people: they're emotionally honest, sincerity being your obligation to respect that in passing; without judgement, there is no false attorney here. Never has one been made to feel they linger in superficiality, awaiting, in jest, for another's ship to sail in. Their foundation is supporting, the art of helping to the best of ones abilities, unquestioned, like our rush to better meet ones fully comprehensive car insurance and systemic obligations over humanity; theirs is to humanise momentarily, in the moment, for the moment. Furthermore, I find most in Asia puzzled by our concept of 'Love' as we do - it leaves them perplexed somewhat. Life is lived under the pressures of need, necessity and Buddhism... there is a sense of freedom here, and a sense of place that's hard to define, or put my finger on. One that retires me to the concept of vomiting, must I think, one could indeed return to the suburban banality of life in Australia, a systematized Mcfuck-it between the footy oval and supermarket car park.

The following series of photographs were taken in a little village close to my current home in Pattaya - around midnight a few days after Chinese New Year - a two hour drive from Bangkok. The processes used include a simple border effect, and cross processing. Nevertheless, shooting this series of photographs required planning and a late night. I could possibly have disemboweled an Australian backpacker and buried the body somewhere as well - it was the kind of night for it... enjoy.

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