The Culture Bomb...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 1:39 PM By Stephen J Christophers

At best, society is currently gravitating towards lost creativity; creativity, as a business model, for business sake - the machine that keeps the average humoured. And, for good reason, anyone who is anyone, can be found running for cover, to marginalize themselves from such social servitude: to skirt the underground, those catacombs where one hides quality, diversity and exploration of their art; and, a place mainstream culture fear not tread; and, where unlike their production based counterparts, true creativity bathes relatively undisturbed, away from the fluffy kitten pictures and social marketing techniques.

Perhaps, I have a gut feeling, and with it, I shall reveal to you some of the best of the best; musical talent, hiding beyond the reach of the mainstream media machine; that I expose some of their wonderful work, that which, tends to go hand-in-hand with contemporary politics, social psychology, not merely fluffing the construct; while producing absolute quality, and together forming a rather more powerful statement than that which is a Fox Moment. ... Oh, eyes peeled for the loser ... Beck, there you are!

I dare you to really explore the names I drop in this post. would you give them time, you should, they deserve it. And for your efforts, I suspect that you'll be rewarded tenfold. We never lost music, although somewhere along the road between creative dynamics and commercialism, quality and the gravy train parted company, leaving true practitioners out in the woods, to again be discovered.

So it is ... let us first turn our attention to Morcheeba, Bahamadia, Portishead, The Controls - Opium dreams, with an organic Hip-Hop influences. Then with our attention on, Death Cab for Cutie, The Postal Service and Primal Scream, in some respects, the Pop/Hip-Hop/Trip-Hop Genre. Being groups of the nineties, and peripherally located in social latitude, their music has stood the test of time. And where times are changing, and remixing and sampling to Dubstep and Drum & Bass is gaining mainstream popularity by making the old new again - the layering effect. These bands are gaining popularity again with the growing Urbanist movement. Urban Decay for your ears is: remixes by Bachelors of Science (BoS) that bring tunes into a new era. A drop in tone Blue Foundation, and to the far extremities of goth-rock with Wolfsheim and a shift towards drum and bass. Flunk' and 'Dutch' the latter, a project by Stoupe "Jedi Minds", will see you at the cutting edge of contemporary urban sound, with roots in hip-hop and drum and bass.

In the land of the spoken word, the evolution of Hip- Hop and Drum and Bass, we seek out: Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five, Main Source and Marlena Shaw and witness the evolution of the genre through The Jungle Brothers, NAS, CunninLynguists, Beasty Boys to the UK sounds of Scrubious Pimp, The Streets, King Blues; globe-hopping now with, Wax Tailor, Lady of Rage, DubFX, The Last Emperor and Chineseman Records - Le Frenchman.

(¯`·._.·(¯`·._.· Feature Artist: Chineseman ·._.·´¯)·._.·´¯)

AndTheBitGoesOn 2011 - Kim&Stef / Chineseman (If you Please): Chineseman Records currently push HipHop into new territory, with a combination of high quality productions that render both traditional digital graphic design with 3D vector animation. This combined with their unique sound push the boundaries of music video production: Chineseman Records

Chinese Man - Ordinary Man - 2010

Dubstep: in its own right a 'Dubstep Mix' can bridge the gap between musical genres, its history in a nut shell can be examined by watching: Bassweight - A Dubstep Documentary (2010): "A feature length documentary that offers an unparalleled insight into the subterranean world of..." I will touch on Dubstep more later, for now checkout Syncro a fav... as a genre it can be better defined as the glue that adheres one to quality, and the evolution of the true creative New Urbanist movement, sometimes sick and twisted; an offering to the Gods, a herald for the downfall of middle class suburbanism, visualized by Banksy and immortalized in, Exit Throught the Gift Shop - extending to that otherworldliness... and a trend of creativity over the power of Dr. Evil (The Beaver) and Charice heart ache ... not being one to judge.

Although, with due respect to other genres of music yet to be added to this post. I'm sure however, you're beginning to realise by now quality in music, art and culture is being amplified far and beyond the mean streets of prime time viewing.

So, has mainstream music totally bombed out? Or, just more selectively produced around a specific demographic for consumption? The latter one suspects. Lets take a track from Lady Ga Ga, and Dub her... So, within every problem, we can find a solution? Not that I totally dislike mainstream music, it has relevance: take Nicki Minaj and add an 808 sample, and then some theatrics. I can live with that on a messy Friday night out - you might not agree. Although, remove prejudice for a moment, and you can sight back to the roots of this genre in the music we have already covered, and rather more easily than that of a Korean Pop group production, otherwise copying a sound rather than evolving it. For example: Save Me by Nicki Minaj who uses a beautiful sample from BoS, the origins of which can be found in a track by Death Cab for Cutie - Brothers On a Hotel Bed... Love.

to be continued... Country Roots to Post-Rock