Spirituality and Religion

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 8:48 AM By Stephen J Christophers

The topic of Spirituality, God and religion is one, if not the, most important on which humans ponder. Spirituality is the connection to ‘otherness’ which in a heart beat moves us from a place inside to a divine emotional connection with the physical world around us…

To dissect spirituality in some ways contradicts its nature, the reverence of spirituality is its connection to consciousness or Einstein’s “Grand Unified Theory”, an as yet intangible state. Nevertheless, by using my previous methods we are well able to hypothesize.

Firstly though, I would like to make clear my stand based on what I have come to believe... One - we are one; we are all part of the universal whole, that which shaped us from the beginning, and thereafter. We are ultimately responsible for our own measure: the unique nature of mans presence in the universe is both of master and slave. We create our own boundaries and praise our own achievements, we must live with what we create and die by our own hands. It is my belief that at a fundamental level we are all connected and are bound only by potential.

As humans we live on a planet where worlds collide; biological, subatomic and relative systems play out immeasurably on that that defines us and our universe, and out and beyond. Our ability - as yet - to see past this into something greater is limited only by each individual’s personal event horizon. Divinity has always been considered the essence of religion and spirituality, a human affliction; and both through consciousness links us to all creation, and at the base of religion and spirituality I tend to see the same answers to the same questions. which for me have a grounding in the fundamentals of science, more or less. The New Paradigm and the “Grand Unified Theory” – oneness.

The first and most troublesome issue that we encounter with organized religion is its ability to be homogenized by individuals in order to suit their specific requirements, fundamentally, enabling organized religion to quarry our fears, hopes and dreams, to effectively propagate dogma, by which we are then subjected. On these grounds - and these grounds only - I have dismissed most forms of organized religion, as general socialism. This however, doesn’t mean I personally dismiss the idea of God entirely - just to open ones’ eyes is evidence enough of this. Whether we’re involved in social groupings based on business, religion or culture, stereo typing tends to be used to form a platform from which acceptance then influences and control participants. This seems to be a generic social construct, and far from isolated in respects to a religious tendency.

For example: If I’m Christian, it’s very likely that I would belong to a church or social group; a group of like minded individuals, which would constitute a basis and foundation from which to promote social networking – friendships, working relationships etc; all founded on our common ideals, specifically related to our Christian belief system. This system also fosters discrimination.

In reality however, this system could easily apply to any cultural demographic or movement (Socialist Movement) one could refer to any group with two or more people involved in spreading ideals, and there being, no more than a corrupted state. One based on the principals of Game Theory. For me, it’s very hard to find anything outside basic universal theories that give religion more grounding over that of say, Socialism. Therefore, I am left with more questions than answers... sanity amongst large groups and/or social movements is one such question that oft crosses my mind... Nevertheless...