Protest Against the Rising Tide...

Monday, May 12, 2008 9:30 AM By Stephen J Christophers

[BLOG]-07/07/2004 :: "Protest Against the Rising Tide of Conformity" - Bob Dylan 1964. I came across a nice little pictorial biography by Daniel Kramer written of Bob Dylan's early life. Amongst its pages, I noticed on this old poster, created for Dylan's 1964 tour - call it, early intellectual-political graphic art, maybe - and I think it's also used on the album cover: "MAMA, YOU'VE BEEN ON MY MIND' or Bringing It All Back Home". I'm not that sure which. It gave me a little smile nevertheless, as such things do. It still rings true today. If at all, the complexities of modern life have regressed, and placed a full-stop on talent. Contemporary, its madam is most certainly that of conformity. One hopes it isn't, one adds if indeed truth, I would've - like a Lemming - 'jumped' a long while ago.

I do however look at today's talent pool now and again, or there lack of, with little time or effort, with passion lost. However, satisfied in their ordinariness. I gaze to personal projects undertaken with little thought of financial worth, and inevitably find myself with little to show for a pursuit in quality other than pride in personal achievement. And, with much the same mind-set as Dylan in '64. With vision, and subjective fashion: I speak for the individual talents, rendered worthless, on these shores: "Protest Against the Rising Tide of Conformity" as I do, on occasions. So, I leave you with a little non-conformist talent pool, that which seems to leave me somewhat unemployable.

And briefly, as a designer and artist, thus I stand here in the frenzy of 21st century diversity and potential - but yet, the bulb flickers. I think with age and lots of introspective, one should believe in personal convictions, read a lot of good literature, and above all, if nothing else, it will help you understand that to each, a sorry social system is really that which inspires most to dress-out and act as he does, an individual. And, one day your individuality might take fashion. Then, for sake of health, don't forget to label-it, and charge a heavy premium.