Sathorn Ghost Tower: Bangkok

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 2:26 PM By Stephen J Christophers

Title: Sathorn Unique Tower, Bangkok
Description: Urban Exploration
Medium: Photographic

Sathorn Unique Tower stands approximately fifty stories above the hustle and bustle of Bangkok's fast-paced street life. Ominously towering above the daily comings and goings of small business, commuters and the residents of Sathorn Tai Rd and Charoen Krung area, and beyond. Situated adjacent to the majestic Chao Phraya River; it plays silent whiteness to the rivers journey, as it winds nonchalantly through the city of Bangkok, and on, out into the Gulf of Thailand. The area around Sathorn is centrally located, with "Sathorn Unique Tower" offering a wonderful grand mix of residential living, retail space, and location, location, location!

Nevertheless, at street level, and on closer inspection, one becomes acutely aware of the reality that surrounds this building and prime location. On reflection, Sathorn Unique Tower is what many refer to as a "Ghost Tower". One rendered in some thirty stories of signage, draped like a costly fatuous veil. And, sitting thus idle since construction was ceased over a decade ago.

My journey to document this location started as a small project, one in urban exploration. A growing subculture that carries with it a kind of mystique. The Urban Explorer: documenting and photographing the hidden domain of our worlds most interesting and often forgotten places.

Sathorn Unique Tower, at around fifty stories, is said to be the tallest abandoned skyscraper in the world. And in relative terms, an "Urban Exploration" hot-spot.

Bangkok in itself is a city full of abandonment and urban decay. A statement to which, "...and, with the right kind of eye, one might see the hight water mark, where the wave of economic mismanagement turned back." -- a take on the writings of Hunter S. Thompson. Offering up wonderful wisdom and insight through the medium of her poor and dispossessed who live at ground level. Bangkok's urban relics, the graphics and littéraire of graffiti writers, a glimpse into what might become of our great western democracies after their slow decline. As we in turn, asphyxiate in the popular politics of our current economic crisis. The "Ghost Tower" of Bangkok offers a chilling reminder, thus. So, with camera in hand, I was on my way into Sathorn Tower with a group of explorers, to negotiate the tricky entrance for a shot at the summit.

The following photographic journal documents some of the high-lights of Sathorn Unique Tower and her aspects over the city of Bangkok. As a personal note: Due to the extremely difficult entry and exit points involved after the building was locked-down, I'm hesitant in acknowledging there is an entry point. And, as of this current blog entry, I would recommend those wishing to visit the site should do it under guidance.