Urbex & Urban Decay - Thailand

Saturday, May 28, 2011 4:49 PM By Stephen J Christophers

Having spent the past five years in Asia my photographic subjects have been wide and varied. From abandoned buildings, market places, urban upheaval in China, to the rural landscapes of the Pearl River Delta. Now living in Thailand, I have begun to embrace a totally new style of photography:

My most recent project looks at Urban Decay in Thailand, and specifically Pattaya and Bangkok. When we picture Thailand, it is rare, on any account, we conjure up images of Urban Decay. Nevertheless, the sprawling suburbs of Bangkok are riddled with such areas of interest. Old and abandoned factories, temples, hospitals and shopping malls. To see beauty, is to look at humanity as it lives in and amongst Urban Decay, and more often than not, in Asia, that which is no longer economically viable takes on the simple practicality of human nature.

Where you find Urban Decay in Asia, you also meet with some of its most impoverished residents, looking to eke out a living from the remnants of the past. You find homes, businesses and lives that revolve around such structural degradation and abandonment, you also find their hopes and dreams.