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Greetings and Welcome to Reflections on the New Paradigm!

Reflections on the New Paradigm web-blog contains a variety of written works, essays and articles developed by Benjamin David Hodson (SJC) while living and working in Asia. 'Reflections' is primarily a philosophical blog-spot, one that skirts the depths of psychology and socio-economics. Nevertheless, 'Reflections' also contains a high percentage of photographic and illustration works, as well as, graphic development, personally produced for this website.

'Reflections' web-traffic is progressively increasing, and as such, has become open to the possibility of relevant advertising partnerships. If you're interested in advertising on this website, a particular article, or sponsoring this entire blog please feel free to contact me using the details provided.

Personally, Reflections on the New Paradigm started its life from a range of articles I'd written, some published, and others that just found their way into life by being entertaining quirks of human intrigue. I would hope there's something here for everyone, lurking under such a strange title. I can only hope one might find it as entertaining a read, as it was a concept that came to life.


- The Editor -

Please direct any further questions to: mail@benhodson.com