Thailand: Section C Urbex

Sunday, January 12, 2014 5:26 PM By Stephen J Christophers

Section C Urbex: (Photographs shot using a Nikon D5100 DSLR) A coastal area situated on the Gulf of Thailand between Pattaya City and Bangkok. I coined the term 'Section C' in respects to the industrial nature of the site and layout of the general area.

Section C is interesting from an explorers perspective for several reasons. It offers a range of locations from which one is able to observe contained urban decay on a large scale; a compound of factories and outbuildings, a school, temple and tenements that lay relatively untouched within the large boundary wall. The area of approximately twenty hectares is home to a Buddhist community and as such sits quietly undisturbed by modern intrusions; as buildings now unused fall into decay, others take on new functions. Sections of beach front property although derelict in appearance have given rises to a small shanty town between concrete remains of former building infrastructure. Now decorated with Buddhist inscriptions and housing an array of bric-à-brac, flotsam and jetsam, salvage and other articles of reconstituted goods donated to the monastery. Although, most of the buildings are of a monastic nature, it is clear that the area had a former life, either industrial or military. The main site of interest here is an abandoned modern ruin of a temple complex that has stood this way for over ten years. A large structure located approximately five hundred meters out into the bay area. With limited access points, it remains out of reach to the general public.

The following set of images have been processed using High Dynamic Range & Tone Mapping (HDR). A relatively new style of editing photographic images. For more information on this process please visit my post, "Creating High Dynamic Range".