Food: by request.

Saturday, May 10, 2008 7:05 AM By Stephen J Christophers

I would like to digress from the more logical beginnings, those based on biological systems; preferring, instead, to start this topic from the standpoint of relativity.

My theory: Mass-energy is created by grouping charged particles of matter, when matter accumulates energy is shared amongst the body of mass, which then attracts further objects based on the gravitation of mass-energy, energy transfer from one body of mass and/or shared energy is then stored and used – are you with me? The fundamental principals of energy, acquisition, storage and use within the human body relates to the above mentioned process, through the ability of the body to store, access and use food energy in relation to its intake, depending on our varying abilities to consume, store and use it. This energy will determine our relationship to ourselves and others and objects around us, by definition of relativity. Other factors like genetic inheritance are also at play; however, physical mass is generally a dynamic of your body’s ability to manage mass-energy intake.

‘Coffee black with two sugars .. and while I’m here; and while I think about it…’

I would like to dispel the myth that eating poor quality food is bad for us… well biologically speaking it is, only if it's unable to provide the chemical triggers which are presented in gene code to our cells. Here in Chongqing, China the locals survive on noodles, chili and offal. I on the other hand find it rather difficult.

The accumulation of mass-energy in the human body via food is a problem most middle aged Caucasian, Greek and Hispanic women tend to fight very hard against, because of its effect on weigh gain.

I would like to make some observation on weight and relativity which for me seems like they need some closer form of examination or hypotheses.

Having recently adopted the widget based system on Facebook I notice that most of my friends who were marginally extroverted (full of beans) and weighty had far more connections and relationships (friends) to those who were not, and it got me thinking of relativity… While beautiful people had friends, the fatties had more. While intelligent people had friends, the over-weight people showed far more popularity. I have also notice that in China, where I now reside ‘capital heat’ attributed to individual wealth, is closely aligned with size. In a culture where food and business are intertwined it could be said that these observations offer up some food for thought…

If we approach the problem of weight and size using genetics: it becomes clear that the genetic chain is built up over millenniaThe Theory of Evolution”, of adaptation to environmental and internal chemical systems to complement freewill (choice); a system combining preexisting genes patterns, to environmental adversity and chemical addictions. Genetics are our window into the past, and chemical addiction the window into the future of genetics, our environment being that which through the Evolution of Species supports us and all life…

I think the more pressing question of genetics is why it, in humans anyway, supports such a broad range of human diversity. When comparing white Europeans and Asians for example, not only are the physical appearances very different, but also examples of logic are subject to adaptation and inheritance. However, this trait is not as apparent or as strong as the differential between sexes or that matter species. So what effects the transition of species, or what came second...

… And where does food come into all of this…? Well, it just tastes good!

'I’m going to get back to you on this topic of food later, but for now comments are welcome’