The Event Horizon

Thursday, May 8, 2008 4:37 PM By Stephen J Christophers

Did you ever have the feeling that if you did something there would be no turning back? Or, what happens when we die? Well people, this is called the Event Horizon a phenomena of Black Holes, and for me one of the most joyous moments of realizations I ever encountered. I would like you to imagine in your mind a picture of a Black Hole; and I bet it’s not anything like that which you imaged it to be, unless, in fact, you have an understanding of relativity. It’s absolutely not empty! A black hole is solid matter, so solid in fact, that because of its gravitational pull on the light particles trying to escape, it bends light back in on its self; whereby, light is unable to escape its grip… amazing!

So, in the case of a Black Hole the Event Horizon is the point at which light is unable to escape its massive gravitational pull; and therefore, the point at which entering matter is trapped. For us, the Event Horizon is a place from which there is no return, based on our physical constraints under universal laws. We can not turn back time or fly if we leap from a tall building, although, its is quite possible for us to change the potentiality of these events, and under what we know from Quantum Physics everything has potential.