Where do we go from here?

Sunday, June 22, 2008 1:37 PM By Stephen J Christophers

To address the “New Paradigm,” sometimes labeled as new age rhetoric or psycho-babble, amongst other things we must look at the truth, and that is, well, just a fancy way of talking about change: the effect of entropy on our lives in general creates a transience and regeneration of everything from relationships, to the state of our lap-top etc; a sometimes confronting system from which we are forced to adopt a new and creative insight into dealing with the changing world around us. To relate change or the new paradigm, to personal growth and development, is to accept fundamental truths about change: Change, can be extremely confronting at times and although naturally destined, it can be in direct contrast to our current life; to those systems we have built-up as protection against more drastic changes – the zone of comfort by which we function on a daily basis. By having the ability to grasp a new directional shift insightfully, we challenge our current concepts and become more open to the possibilities of personal development thereafter.

Recently, I have been opening up to change in my life. A paradigm shift for the individual can come in many forms, psychological, physical or geographical etc; it can be hugely dramatic or extremely subtle. Under my current situation for example, the paradigm shift is taking place slowly and mercilessly, let me explain: my current shift is similar to the striping off of an old skin, an emergence from a cocoon. Personally, it is a psychological evolution with socially conflicting overtones, it’s slowly disassembling my old order, but more so, and sadly so, that of personal relationships under my previous tendencies, places and concepts. This dramatic change of events also encroaches on all other aspects of life, those which supported old habits – the old me. This shift is a little unsettling, as I watch my old support structures crumble, and previous realities disentangle; while making way for the new my old ways are fading. This event is usually the point at which most retreat back into old habits and situations of comfort - a rapid backtracking event. Change on a large scale can be extremely disturbing for most people – it’s rather difficult a transition for me. However, my life has been full of change recently, and these current events stem from a drive to utilize some of my stored potential assets, positively.

Cause and effect

Presently, I’m approaching my third consecutive year living in mainland China, dealing with all the issues associated with visa and work, cultural issues and language barrier etc. My paradigm is now shifting. Over the last few months my awareness of self is maturing and it’s becoming contrary to that of my previous life style choices – a life no longer relative – like those conditioned by friends and family at home, my personal construct has changed. For me, a shift has begun to take place, and this will have a personal effect on my relationships with those people I’ve left behind. It’s obvious to me that my personal goals, ambitions and aspirations in life conflict with, great urgency, that of my past, and others perceptions of who they once was. The shift in me towards a new paradigm is now undeniably stronger than the idea of reclaiming my old identity.

Part of who we are in respects to other individuals is based on emotional requirements, these build up over time and sets in motion guidelines for our relationships with others and the momentum on which they gather; firstly, to establish them, and then as they blossom. Essentially, we satisfy in others, their need for friendship based on our ability to provide it biologically, and further, we benefit mutually in return. A shift therefore, could shake these relationships, if in fact we no longer fulfill this requirements based on needs. So, who we are could no longer suit the previous relationship formula, leaving our old relationships to falter, and unable to satisfy biological or psychological ties to others, those on which our previous relationships were built.

A paradigm shift tends to be strongest when it comes from one who follows his or her true personal direction, that which conflicts previous expectations, based on conformity to general relationships values under the old you system, and peoples expectations under that mindset. This type of shift is dramatic and unsettling, although, it can be the highest form of positive personal change.

For a long time now – it seems like a life time – I have been pushing my dreams in the direction of creativity. Although this has come under vehement opposition to the point of apathy: my passions, for art, design and words, have evolved into a powerful medium, one that is presently unlocking my full potential.

It was in the face of Australia’s lack of a creative dynamic, I made the shift to a new country. I found new challenges: a new language as a personal dictation for life. Ideas hence developed into a book over the winter of 2007, “China/Chongqing a guide to Regional Socio-Economics.” Further, I continued to developing my passion for art and design while grappling with language. As well as toying with the ideas of our burgeoning populations, social and cultural ethics and the void of creativity in contemporary societies – all poignantly relative.

There has been a snow ball effect over recent months. This has constituted a personal development; developing higher skills, cupped with many years of experience in business and life on three continents - a valued set of assets - enabling me to become fluid in articulating many and varied issues, professionally.

The sacrifices I’ve made by following my dreams have seen me living under financial hardship, through times of struggle and sickness. However, I’ve been privileged an abundance of life, insight and education which stems into all facets of cultural diversity.

While in the wings however, friends and family have nurtured a growing apathy towards my achievement, recoiling in opposition and fielding a collection of unsupported rhetoric, sporting an unwillingness to trust me and provide a supportive framework from which to open doors of opportunity. Rather, support being with held; just at the time when it would benefit most.

In spite of these reactions, they are in fact only reacting on personal fears and old expectations. We share the common ground, that of having, independent dreams and ideas; and thus, I must remain the same in their eyes, and to an extent accept this, also. And rightly so, for my old life is falling apart, for them, while in the face of adversity I feel empowered to lead a and new rich life, which is no longer relative to theirs or their expectations set on mine. However, regardless of the old ideas, the new dream, is a splendid sight.

So, where do we go from here? For me it’s a simple note: I will continue to search for a place; a vantage, from which I am able to support my dreams, better my skills, a place embraced by the acceptance of my peers, and founded on a successful and positive atmosphere.

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