Chinese Education

Saturday, February 20, 2010 1:08 PM By Stephen J Christophers

China produces four million university students per year. These students learn two things: firstly, if you have capital you can pay your way through the system; secondly, teachers and lecturers are employed not to 'educate' but to help students 'navigate' this system. Individualism and creativity is almost absent to the point of repression. Nevertheless, the paper they receive is the key to opening doors, and the few will achieve a good and stable career in companies run by the like minded.

Education, like religion creates its own economic structure and networks, a system where money becomes the primary concern, not education. We're currently living in strange times: the self educated, skilled mindset, might find discrimination against quality in such a system; a system that promotes fear, which then pays the way into mediocrity for financial gain ahead of innovation, development, enthusiastic and creative thinking - the world of money for paper, and a free ride into a system of lazy mindedness being part of the a greater dysfunction and corruption in Chinese society. Like most other systems, education is becoming obsolete as an institution. Technology allows those with drive to create beyond its boundaries, to exploit new and innovative technologies that transcend this failing logic - in essence freedom. There are however great exceptions to this rule: “Ang Lee was educated in the West and his English is good.” -- Zhang Yimou. My fear is we are being swamped by the product of the system of education, rather than the educated.

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