Social Intelligence; The Social IQ

Wednesday, October 6, 2010 7:13 PM By Stephen J Christophers

Intelligence is far less favourable in today's society - a reflection of the market driven and socio-economic landscape, an area in which incompetence tends to thrives more often than not. This trend is a win-win for big corporations, large advertising and media who seek to propagate this mentality, and then reward it respectively. Associations can be found when looking at Cannabis prohibition over Alcohol, its legal counterpart. The tendency is to believe - and I would have you to note - stupid people in society, or more the product of social narrownindedness, liken to, "the drunk" are favoured systematically. In an attempt to move into the material environment - over intellectual - a larger proportion of lesser substance than quality. Therefore, completing a fiscal economic loop faster at the expense of ergonomics and environment - the short-term mind-set.

From my observations: stoned and/or intelligent persons would have a tendency to apply basic problem solving skills more readily, with greater emphasis on design and function; thinking to a higher degree before they purchase a product. On the other hand less capable people "the stupid" for instance, and further drunk people in theory would tend to use a lower level of applied thinking prior to product purchase. Also, to progress this track of intuition, we can observe how society favours the family unit beyond the need for procreation and further younger children of less mental capacity -who also tend to reflect the same disposition towards purchasing, with a tendency to act on impulse, and again, an action that favours the fiscal loop.. In deeper reflection we can then draw associations with the parents and "the stupid" and their relationships to that of a business unit: their level of intelligence as a family mean - so lessened by the presence of lesser educated children who effect their gullibility within the system and the systems provided exploits for the family unit - the pay off...

Further research needed:

1. Mixing business with alcohol - a paper called, "Anything Can Happen" addressing a correlation between the observer/non-observer function within Quantum Mechanics.

2. Looking at the possible difference between material possessions of children with stoned parents and those without:

- a by-grid field study of toys found in the homes of children with stoned parents and those without; "Presumably, one might find a higher standard of toy on the floors of homes with stoned parents, although in lesser amount due to economic disparity."

4. Clinical study into purchasing practises by both stoned and drunk personages against a neutral performance indicators with quantitative reference, such as an average IQ neither pissed or stoned, in wed-lock or sporting children.

5. Individual reaction times in purchasing goods from the Tim Shaw's Demtel Channel - tested using both demographics, against a neutral indicator; such as, an average IQ neither pissed or stoned, influenced by neither marriage, children or employment. Otherwise, testing by demographic, against Behavioural Game Theory as the standard.

Comments and FeedBack:

AR Said:

Agree agree agree. The reason you probably won't find as many toys in the homes of stoned parents is because they place more value in the natural world, are more interested in one on one playing with kids and teaching them about food, herbs and plants, art and music, rather than saying here suck on this plastic toy, and when you get bored with it we'll whip out another one to distract you from your underlying feeling of discontent. There's more of a focus on inner joy, and relaxing. Kids pick up on that stuff. I think hippie parents are the best parents I've witnessed. Ordinary parenting don't look fun in the least from an outsider perspective. Drunk parents are the worst!

SJC Said:

Valuable comments AR, and not that I'm hammering down tech-toys or innovation in general, just the subtle narcotic effects of the system, as it is.. I remember growing up in the UK with friends who had hippie-ish parents, and friends in Australia, too. There were endless amounts of musical instruments and lots of interesting wood folk art to be touched and played with - it was an analogue life style in my younger years.

The outlying point to this mini essay is to map out how lower intelligence is rewarded and exploited by the system (like foot soldiers), and how the system, rewards this cycle with more systems, spawned by the idiocy that invests in it, these will amount to an event horizon narrowing our field of view on other diverse ways of thinking and acting or being. It's not all bad, but, the system is shaking like a too big to fail.

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