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Thursday, February 3, 2011 2:13 PM By Stephen J Christophers

I was sorting out an array of my artworks, digital media, photographs and writings the other day; in other words, a lot of shit I threw at the wall and never stuck, but a little that did: a superficial stain or two, maybe; one stubborn one the Omo couldn't remove - from that pretty white tailored frock worn by the mainstream vestal media.

This original blog entry was nevertheless the first I made back in '08. One which somehow states clearly to me the direction I would take later on with my writings. Otherwise, the little engine room of ideas, spewed fourth onto the Internet, driving my Facebook treadmill, and underpinning the heart and satirical soul of my blog entries on the bigger picture; "Reflections on the New Paradigm." It clearly sums up a lot of my disgust at popularised social values and tendencies, the pointless, the superficial, and laziness of it all; and further, those paid to pontificate righteousness against quality to make the average happy with their system of averagness-ness:

Music Maestro
I've just rediscovered "Crowded House" - there was some reducing down of a few albums to get to their heart and soul, nevertheless, when I panned a little deeper I found gold.

I find it hard to believe that I previously lived in a country where the influential depth of our great musical culture reaches the ears of sum 1.4 billion people - in China - in the form of "Happy Hard Core" to promote energy and productivity, "Kenny G" and other 'such one hit wonders' passed by the Ministry of Propaganda because they reflect positively on China, or promotes their socialist doctrine.

We are lucky that 'free art' - at least for a fleeting moment in our cultural evolution - resonates within us the capacity to share our feelings, ideas and fears from that illusive and magical place called the creative tense; a place from which, at one time anyway, our culture found reverence. Increasingly, the whole concept of 'creativity' is there to challenge those human constraints we continually push at, in the hope we can move forever forward. Unfortunately, of late, it echos with an overwhelming emptiness. A rhetorical place for the socially disconnected, mad and weak, where in its place systematic concepts of socialist and corporate dogma shape nations...

Reflections on our culture: where the rise of the creative class brings the creative into the realms of complex conduits for financial gain, in areas such as systems development and all-that-jazz - the vision of what we experience both from the apathetic stand point of our peers, and that jaded wisdom of old age [cough!] leaves us at times disconnected from the rat-race and that 'pay-as-you-go-model of reformation' - to reflect on how our down-right fucking selfishness and ignorance towards one another got us this far in the first place...

For me: in moments like this, a brief encounter with such music or art void of that which sodomises it as "popular", and founded on the bases of pure respect for its lyrical honesty and beauty. leaves me hoping - that at least for this instant - the break-down of the wave function will set in motion sparks of potential which drives us to create in equal bounds something greater - a life fulfilling achievement, or some such shit. .

Nevertheless, as i grow increasingly older, it's occurring to me that ones ability to create such beauty and inspire against all odds everything which marginalises it; the great four-lane highways from which mediocrity barrels on past your increasing smallness. ...and to patiently wait... Wait for absolutely fuck all. This is mans greatest test... So, while you wait it out, i give you some inspiration from Crowded House...

Crowded House Play List:

- You Are the Only One to Make Me Cry.mp3
- Weather With You.mp3
- Silent House.mp3
- Pour Le Monde.mp3
- Nobody Wants To.mp3
- It's Only Natural.mp3
- Heaven That I'm Making.mp3
- Four Seasons In One Day.mp3
- Fall At Your Feet.mp3
- A Sigh.mp3