Life in a Box

Thursday, June 30, 2011 8:51 PM By Stephen J Christophers

"Postmodernism, the meta-narrative, an abstract idea that is thought to be a comprehensive explanation of historical experience, or knowledge of... a global, or totalizing cultural narrative, 'a schema' which orders knowledge and experience" -- John Stephens.

Postmodernism towards a global cultural narrative, a meta-narrative, one ever so bland, shined and polished of all its intrigues and idiosyncrasies. Take for example my new website design: to be one less with the arts, and more with packing boxes into boxes, squeezing life between tags, as we do metacontent. Two tiresome days formatting something to become better compatible, here and there, and with the bigger picture.

One has to grasp boxes, more so... lots of boxes, design closer and closer to the margins, become, a conformist to the theory of their craftsmanship, a metaphor for stagnation, the concept is, a box. Life as a meta-narrative: Postmodernism, the story of the box within the box.