Perceived Security: Hardcore

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 4:01 PM By Stephen J Christophers

Almost everyday, I work. I work hard. I believe in what I create... and, some days, I would hesitate in saying, I don't eat, because it doesn't afford me. Having an easy life: one who nurtures those values inherently suffers from a shallowness, one as vague and insignificant as the system that they believe and foster. Hinting at great achievements, but rather echoing the values of mass unproductivity, and a state of mind otherwise congenial to that politics one refers to as, superficiality. That in support of a system of lazy mindedness; a condition which otherwise returns a tendency towards the, 'Credulous Personality' - to be exploited.

Those things that leave most wanting, I tend to find in abundance. It's rare one goes without. Nevertheless, I don't blame anyone for falling into the trap of security. It's merely a natural human instinct, one packaged and marketed over a thirty-to-fifty year period of economic slavery, that's seen to be played out like a 'B' Grade drama. Not being bound to this system gives me some freedom of perspective; freedom of mind, to think, and be as analytical as I wish. A condition most have wavered in wanting of that precious commodity - perceived security. This indeed, and from time-to-time makes me piss-myself with laughter, as I watch the symptoms of such a dogmatic disorder play-out before me.