Thai Style: Bangkok Country Chic

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 4:01 PM By Stephen J Christophers

The simple things in life: photography for me is about capturing a moment - I say this often. Sometimes, I wish for better equipment. Sometimes, it's all about light - my craving for better light. Sometimes, it's the ambiance of the moment which lends itself to capturing emotion, rather than a higher level of technical craft. Everyone has their own personality, and as a photographer it's your job to capture it - the point. Moment is key: that particular blend of light, mood and circumstance; a combination of factors that create magic. Moments of lesser complexity, those of minimal equipment, then letting the individuality of your model shine, and as such, you should be rewarded. If indeed you're stars come into celestial alignment - that's the thrill of it, the chase, the natural composition given priority over kitsch.

Today my model 'Love' from Bangkok: I choose to shoot her in a traditional Thai setting, one that compliments her particular style and look. Unfortunately, the light was against us, as our early morning start was consumed by flights between locations. Nevertheless, we managed to make light of that kind of ambiance I've only found here in Thailand; that which makes one fall hopelessly in love with this beautiful country... enjoy.

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Work by Ben Hodson

Title: Thai Style: Bangkok Country Chic
Description: Model Shoot in and around Bangkok
Equipment: Nikon Coolpix L120. Lens is: NIKKOR A 21x Zoom
Location: Thailand
Concept to Completion: One Day Shoot

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