The PLUTO Experiment

Monday, January 7, 2013 3:48 PM By Stephen J Christophers

Album: The PLUTO Experiment

Description: "The PLUTO Experiment" is an urban journey that uses simple sampling to bring mood and emotive reflection on modern life through the medium of music and the art of Chillstep. "The Dreamer" is a chillstep single sampling of "Waking Life" by Y-Decays from the album "The PLUTO Experiment".

Tracks under the title "The PLUTO Experiment by Y-Decays" are all personally mixed and sampled. I tend to approach making music as I do other digital art forms, layering and synchronization is key. One 'layers' sound in software much like creating a digital image. Creativity in most aspects of digital media has become relatively easy to those who have grown-up within the digital environment. True artistry, as a concept, would require real world sampling. Although in this case, unlike other projects for example, my "Project HDR & Tonemapping", most of the tracks contain various digital samples from other artists. Nevertheless, each track will go beyond just remixing sample cuts, and contain elements that have been built from scratch within the digital environment, such as, bassline and melody, etc.

Notwithstanding emotive metaphor and story telling, those present within each song; a musical storyboard. The project is really an experiment, by what means one is able to produce an album using the most minimal of software and equipment, and with it, create something with meaning and context.