Reflections: Najasaataichue Chinese Temple

Monday, October 6, 2014 4:11 PM By Stephen J Christophers

Najasaataichue Chinese Temple is located on the coastal fringe of Chonburi City, Chonburi Province, Thailand. It is believed to be the largest Chinese temple of its style and architecture in Thailand. Dedicated to the God of Success, Najasaataichue temple underwent renovations between 1995 and 1999 as part of Rama, the King of Thailand's 72nd Birthday Anniversary, when its name was officially changed to "Thep Sathat Phra Kiti Chaloem."

Like most locations I visit and photograph in Thailand there is very little translated information to help. Although the temple is commonly referred to as Najasaataichue Chinese Temple, it is better referred to, and searched for under the name "Thep Sathat Phra Kiti Chaloem". The temple is located in the town of Angsila on the coastal road of Angsila-Bangsaen close to the beach resort of Bang Saen. It is built on foundations laid down by Somchai Choesiri, while gaining popularity and expanding to its current form. The temple architecture is common to this style of Thai-Chinese temple. There are predominantly two forms of Buddhist temple found in this region of Thailand, classic Thai of the Theravada school and Chinese Buddhist. Both types of temples offer differing architectural and decorative styles.

Najasaataichue is situated between Bangkok 14km to the North and Pattaya City 40km to the South. It is quiet and secluded during the week, with peak times around Chinese New Year and calendar festivals. Only a handful of tourist currently make the day trip to Thep Sathat Phra Kiti Chaloem, and as such travel can be difficult. The best way to get to the temple from Bangkok is by taxi, at a cost of approximately 800 Baht, via Sukhumvit Rd. It is possible to drive or ride a motorcycle for the more experienced traveler.Read More...

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