Sample: Design Concept Statement

Monday, January 26, 2015 9:43 PM By Stephen J Christophers

This project is an on going mobile phone skinning and packaging concept that uses personal artwork to render personalized graphics to a mobile device. The general concept is to create a second skin for leading brand mobiles using tin box manufacturing techniques, printable mobile glass protectors and matching digital wallpapers to produce a mobile theme.

The idea of wearable, themed and accessorized devices is not a new one. However, in combination with a product that is made to have ephemeral qualities, such as tinplate containers gives the device the ability to take on a "lived-in" aesthetic without compromising its life-cycle and functionality. Such items often have a wider appeal with hobbyists and collectors. And, furthermore, offer protection to the device from everyday usage.

I believe that personalized mobile technology is a key factor in the humanization of consumer mobile devices in what is rapidly becoming a brand dominated society; where product technology must be ergonomic and suit the needs of a variety of demographics, exterior design and detailing is often met with the use of a limited color palette and branding. The ability to personalize is then the domain of the individual. This product range would offer the consumer a platform to customize their mobile device in a way that gives them control over its outward appearance (look and feel), while also enhancing its rigidity at low cost using existing technologies.