Reflections: Marketing on Tumblr

Sunday, March 15, 2015 10:53 PM By Stephen J Christophers

Tumblr, is of cause one of the premier microblogging platforms run and operated by Yahoo, since 2013. For the web-novice it offers a simple user interface (UI) with blog template options that allow you to configure your blogs "look and feel" in a way that fits into the Tumblr format easily, while retaining some elements of individuality, like, header graphics, layout and font styles, etc. For the more advanced users, one is able to utilize an external domain name, to help integrate a Tumblr feed. In this post I'll give you a little more insight into Tumblr and it's push towards becoming a marketing platform for online marketers.

The first thing you'll notice after creating a blog with Tumblr is the commonalities between a lot of the text posts, pictures and overall content that resides there from other users. I have yet to read a Tumblr stats report on the amount of cat pictures it hosts annually, or attractive girls with nose rings and tattoos. However, these simple points alone give you some indication that something is not quite right. The phenomenon has a simple explanation, and it's called marketing spam. The majority of blogs in the Tumblr-sphere are there to drive traffic to external websites; where their hosts are either rewarded by add-click, promoters points or just wish to give you further insight into their range of products and services - sex sells, and cats do too. The dark-side to this is that it creates a market place for those wishing to push the extremes by creating a multitude of blogs that offer uncensored or malicious content; pornography, violence and self-harm have been widely reported as ongoing content issues at Tumblr. Tumblr is trying to take action on various levels, however, the days of individual home bloggers is sadly becoming a thing of the past. It's not all bad news on the content front. There are some fantastic ideas, concepts and products on offer within the Tumblr market place. And, it's easier to navigate, find and post animated content beyond the static variety found on other platforms, such as, Facebook.

Although Tumblr is built on the back of major investment it must have found a revenue stream within it's current conundrum. And in recent times Tumblr has partnered with a range of large companies like Etsy and Kickstarter by introducing a ‘Buy,’ ‘Pledge,’ And ‘Get Involved’ button that further integrates the marketing process from the Tumblr platform. This is intended to help those offering online products and services to reach what is left of the Tumblr microblogging community. Overall, Tumblr is a good place to view dynamic content. Nevertheless, it needs to work a little harder at enticing users into the site in order to create a market worth marketing to. Or, it will only suffer evermore of the issues it currently faces. At the end of the day however, Tumblr like most marketing companies are there to help larger accounts reach a wider ordinance, with a secondary focus on smaller markets gaining popularity.