Consciousness: a dimension?

Monday, May 26, 2008 3:05 PM By Stephen J Christophers

A lot of people seem to have a problem with consciousness – I’m serious here – so, I’m going to have a stab at this problem and see if we can’t get you thinking about this state that somehow defies definition.

To save you a lot of complexity, I will assume you have some knowledge of Biology, Relativity and Motion etc. I would also recommend that you see my previous blog entry on the “Subjective Experience.” Just so you know where we are at.

Now, looking at consciousness under a system of universal constructs, we begin our analysis with a look at what it is in relation to us; and how it connects and relates to our reality based on all universal systems – this is the hard part. As an observer we are conscious of independent reality, based on our individual perspective as an observer - reflecting on ourselves and our environment via the subjective experience. The question is: where do we observe and reflect from? And how are we connected to, or influenced by a greater consciousness or the ultimate observer? - If in deed there is one. How deep is individual consciousness? Is it just a sum of our ability to order universal systems?

Presently, it’s very difficult to ascertain how our conscious self connects us to everything. Some possible answers are found in the realms of Quantum Mechanics: the unified field (Planck Scale), entanglement etc, bridging our relationships to all realities and potential realities. Nevertheless, to be connected to reality or our perception of it, is very different to that of being conscious of it or conscious of something greater.

A theory which interests me is “Consciousness as a Dimension” The idea that consciousness may provide an evolutionary foundation for growth towards an altered perceptive reality. By this I mean, a foundation on which we are able open the door on a new way of looking at the world around us, effectively, using consciousness to change our way of viewing the systems under which we currently operate, and further the constrains under which we perceive the world to presently function, things like social constructs – money etc. Inevitably, bringing mass to the idea of new social concepts and constructs. Conscious understanding of universal systems would enable us to change our view of our present reality and help us shape a new and evolutionary paradigm.

To demonstrate how consciousness could be used to do this, and further demonstrate how effective use of consciousness, as a tool, could in fact alter the way in which we evaluate the world in which we live. I would like you to take a look at this example of a two dimensional reality:

Imagine yourself observing a two-dimensional world - lines and dots on a piece of paper - looking in from a three dimensional world. Now... if we were to place two points of our body (two fingers) into this two-dimensional reality/world, a viewers from that two-dimensional reality/world would observe, two separate, two-dimensional objects. Although, in our reality of a three-dimensional world, it is clear that both objects are connected (or entangled) - and relatively speaking the same object… Furthermore, when viewing from our three-dimensional perspective that of the two-dimensional world, one would be able to observe objects which to a two-dimensional observer are obstructed by other objects.

To sum-up, if the two-dimensional observer is then introduced to the third-dimension reality he/she/it would become conscious of the altered state of perceptive reality; they would then be conscious of a new state of reality. The idea is: consciousness is a conduit or a constant state between realities, maybe...?

All this can be a little confusing. And offers up lots more questions than answers. To expand our conscious state however, it is obvious that we are required to change the way in which we view or think of the world around us. Looking at the connection between socialism, Emotional Intelligence and the idea of “The Man in the Suit” metaphor for example, gives us a new and exciting way of looking at lots of other similar connections to reality through our ability to use the power of consciousness as a tool, to further develop the way we shape our world, and worlds beyond. A driver for the universal spectrum.