Friday, May 23, 2008 9:48 AM By Stephen J Christophers

Having covered some of the fundamental issues relating to social subjectivity in “The Man in the Suit vs. the Scruffy Nerd, I think it’s important to drop the needle on Emotional Intelligence and spin-up Intellectual Quota.

I regularly get a lot of flack from people over my “attitude” towards work - mostly work. Finding myself at odds sometimes in simply coming to terms with the ludicrous nature; the complexities of social dogma, that which is perpetuated in both society and the business environment alike to systematize control. I especially noticed this in China, where power and money are suited in EQ, although, not by logic. Inevitably, I find myself ignorantly bias towards these complex social relationships played out over the value of EQ; and, those we construct in order to balance the equation and get ahead in business - " The corruption of Game Theory, covered in, Love = Non-Zero-Sum Returns." For me personally, it’s simple: I look at a particular situation, and clear away all that I perceive to be non-truth, and then simplify social complexities down to their pros and cons; dismantling social relationships based on my perception of individual requirements - a little like a Christian collapses the wave function on God - invariably, managing to puncture an ego or two along the way by collapsing the wave function on IQ, a classic case of IQ over EQ. The issues I tend to encounter stem from the complex nature of Darwinism and “the importance of emotional expression for survival,” which seems tediously complicated and personally destructive nonetheless. In other words: I’m of a socially destructive personality type, paradoxically.

If I need something I buy it, it’s not sold to me; If I require a service, I expect to pay for it; If I work with someone, it’s on an equal footing, and task specific. But, all this contradicts the EQ mentality, where our relationships tend to have far more magnitude than first realized, a broader spectrum of randomness.

I’m constantly being made aware of my negative attitude, which, by the light of day seems to be totally unpalatable logic for those hell bent on success or one who perceives their social situation to be stronger and more dominating than their logic of it.

So, what makes IQ such a dirty word in society, and EQ the common equation for the social environment? For me it's laziness, but lets look a little closer.

Firstly, EQ seems to be that balance between ones ability to project value in the form of illogical thinking based on social hierarchical status, whereby, controlling heat energy on mass in the form of mediocrity offers superiority. Secondly, IQ seems most relative to creativity, and the drive to promote a logical foundation on which we are able to start anew, exploding matter; innovative ideas based on potential. Unfortunately, in the systematised work and social environment logic has already run its course, and systemic logic is based on mass energy accumulating using social constructs - where collective rules to draw in potential - at this point I tend to think everything must have critical mass, and wait for the explosion.

Having just recently read the book “The Dilbert Principles” a satire on office life, it got me thinking of the battle between EQ and IQ and their relationship to modern corporate ethos, lifestyle and the types of work environment we find ourselves inevitably locked into. The Dilbert Principle basically states: the progression of the least competent worker into higher management is attributed to the need for competency in more technical roles; so, put the incompetent where they’re least likely to do damage - management. Before you role your eyes at my negativity towards management, I would like to highlight, the author also made light of the fact, we all suffer from idiocy from time to time – I concur whole heartedly. Although, when dealing with the average it’s not necessarily the case that one suffers a low level of either EQ or IQ, nevertheless we thus side with a more socially accepted logic? Or, maybe EQ is the mastery of mediocrity in a system fundamentally related to EQ over IQ.

The conclusion of my first book China/Chongqing a guide to socio-economics gives us some food for thought on the topic of socialism in China – China Corp.- and the by-product of EQ as a social construct; and, people still buy their shit for a dollar.

To round off: from the stand point of an IQ personality type: to the positive, creativity and diversity; and, to the negative, it feeds our aggression towards social systems based mediocrity and team behavioral patterns. With respects to the EQ personality: to the positive, it brings social compliance and promotes conformity to exploit social values; and, to the negative, it breads fear of individual diversification and creativity. The question before us is: do we find social harmony in business and society, by accommodating both without bias, in a world where the planet really needs us to put our heads and hands together, rather than keep playing the game? Maybe, we just need to become better DJs.

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