Modulated People

Friday, December 24, 2010 2:58 PM By Stephen J Christophers

It starts with all the best intentions; at conception it offers idealism, a channel through which the individual might communicate ideas; and thus this common perception is formed: that which frees one to the idea, one can indeed strive to have their voice heard. Thereby, offering a greater part to the consideration of reason. Sooner rather than later idealism gets lost in the confusion, tendencies become systematised, voices are diluted, marginalisation of diversity and quality occurs - more often than not ... divisions in society are brokered, and the many soon become corralled, so they might, no-longer feed from the pastures of logic.

Man then sullen, heads to the grind stone, will feed from their lot, that which is afforded him; and pin all further hopes on the next evolutionary step ... now, our friends and family live as modulated instances; our communication is broken-down into politically correct content; advert to the left, advert to the right? - in context and under persumption, that is, we mirror our specific networks and relationships; more modulated instances are spawned. Relationships and communication are now moderated. Human interaction is becomming bleached; our communications search for signs of life amongst the fear and paranoia ... data is collected, more instances are spawned ... what widget are you, and how do I plug-in?

Music for inspiration : : Joga (Dubstep Remix) - Nebula : :